Lead Generation on LinkedIn will Fail if you Do These 7 Things

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Are you successful with lead generation on LinkedIn?

Is LinkedIn worth your lead generation efforts?

Or you plan to change the platform?

Wait before you do so!

You won’t get a platform better than LinkedIn for generating leads.

Because LinkedIn provides a space to have a one-to-one and relevant conversation with your potential customers. It gives you an opportunity to directly reach out, connect and build a relationship with your ideal clients, helping them to know, like and trust you.

Then, why haven’t you succeeded with lead generation on LinkedIn?

Well, this might be because of certain activities you do on LinkedIn. These activities hinder your progress as a successful marketer and lead generator.

So, let’s quickly dive in to learn what those activities are.

#1 Not Uploading a Profile Photo

If you think your photo doesn’t have much significance on a LinkedIn profile, you are mistaken. People connect with people and not profiles. They wish to know the face behind the brand or the person who sends them a connection request on LinkedIn.


So, if you don’t upload a photo on your LinkedIn profile, you are losing value in terms of LinkedIn connections. Most of your potential leads will ignore your profile and move on to another.

#2 Sending connection requests to everyone

Higher the number of leads, better it is for your business. But, is everyone on LinkedIn your potential customer? Should you send connection requests to everyone on LinkedIn? To play luck by chance on who might be interested in your offer!

Think again! This tactic doesn’t work on LinkedIn.

Narrow down your search to a targeted set of leads that can add value to your business and benefit mutually.

Learn how to send conection requests to your potential leads faster.

#3 Posting the content without proofreading

Every week you should reach out and share VALUABLE content with Hot Prospects from your list to stay on the top of their mind. 

~Melonie Dodaro, a Canadian social media expert

However, poor grammar, typos, language errors, and an overall lack of professional communication skills can put off any reader on LinkedIn. So, don’t act like a fool and always proofread what you post on LinkedIn; rather any content on the web.


#4 Sharing self-promotional content

How much you hate those sales calls on your phone? How many times you hush the salesman from the door of your house?

Same is with LinkedIn. Nobody likes a person who always talks about himself and his products.


Use your content wisely to help your prospects in the buyer’s journey rather than pitching an offer and closing the sale in one interaction.

#5 Ignoring Messages

You look forward to an instant reply from your prospects, but yourself ignore messages? How unfair is that!

Make it a habit to check your messages regularly. Download the LinkedIn app on your smartphone to get alerts when you have a new message. Marketing is all about networking and building relationships on LinkedIn. And if you don’t respond to the messages on time or ignore them, you better stay out of the marketing domain.

#6 Joining irrelevant LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn Groups provide you an extra marketing opportunity to take advantage of. The beauty of groups is that you can directly message the fellow group members instead of sending an InMail even if they are your 3rd degree connections.

Thus, you can easily build your credibility in the industry by engaging with the group members, answering their questions, and posting valuable content in the group.

However, all this can take a downside if you join too many groups/the groups irrelevant to your niche. So, join only those groups to which your ideal clients belong to. Plus, there is little benefit in joining more than a handful of groups in your own industry.

LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B lead generation. However, if you are not successful at generating the desired number of leads on LinkedIn, ensure you are not making these 7 mistakes. These mistakes seem small, but can cost your efforts of lead generation on LinkedIn #linkedomata #LinkedIn #marketing #leads

#7 Endorsing the skills you never witnessed

If you endorse the skills you never witness for your connections, thinking this may provoke them to buy your products/services, it surmounts to flattering and you are just fooling yourself.

Users on LinkedIn can easily find this out and it will spoil your rapport in their eyes.

Be honest, transparent, and a helpful endorser by only endorsing the skills you witness in action.



LinkedIn is the first platform that strikes everybody’s mind for lead generation. Plus, the leads you generate are trustworthy and reliable.

Don’t make lead generation on LinkedIn a misery by committing these mistakes.

Always upload your photo on your LinkedIn profile. Connect with only those who can be your ideal clients whether in groups or otherwise. Share content valuable to your prospects, not you, and endorse only the skills you witness of your connections.

Wish you all the success for lead generation on LinkedIn!

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So, what are your challenges in lead generation on LinkedIn? Share with us in the comments and we might just offer a solution you are looking for!

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