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Linkedin Automation FAQs

Can my account get blocked or restricted if I use Linkedomata ?

Linkedomata is a Windows Application that automates the manual actions on Linkedin. If you use Linkedomata in specified limits then you won't get blocked on restricted by Linkedin. There is no difference between using Automation tool like Linkedomata or doing it manually. Please go through this article on how to avoid getting restricted on Linkedin.

How does Linkedomata work ?

Linkedomata is a Windows based Application. You need to download the product and get it validated with a license key. Your license key is used to identify the duration of your license. To start using the tool you need to enter the Username and Password of the Linkedin account you wish to automate and then select the various automation options from the menu.The product is streamlined and simple to use. The product opens a chrome browser window where you can see your linkedin account being opened. You can set your target audience directly by using Linkedin Search Panel on the chrome window opened by the Software.

What all different Linkedin features can be automated using Linkedomata ?

With Linkedomata you can automate the process of sending connection request to 2nd , 3rd degree connections. Sending Messages to 1st Degree connections . Extracting details of connections in your network. Linkedomata is compatible with Sales Navigator with support for features like Tagging / Untagging connections and Saving as Leads Automatically.Other Features include extracting details of Groups , Company Pages and Withdrawing pending connection requests.

How can I add more Linkedin accounts to my License ?

The number of accounts that can be managed with single license is 5.If you have 5 Linkedin Accounts then you can use them on maximum 5 different PCs.If you wish to buy more accounts then it can be bought for $5 per month per Linkedin Account.If you have 7 Linkedin Accounts Registered with 1 license then you can use that license of 7 different PCs.

How to use Linkedomata on Mac ?

Linkedomata is a Windows based application. In order to use it on Mac you need to install a Windows Virtual Server on Mac. You can either contact our Customer Support Team to help you install or install yourself - Click Here for Installation Steps . This Virtual Server is Free tier and provided by AWS ( Amazon Web Services).

What kind of after Sales Service will I get as a customer?

Customers will get (16x6) on call support. Our Customer Service team is available on Skype (Skype Id - linkedomatasupport) , on Email - customersupport@linkedomata.com and on chat. Linkedomata is a self-updating tool so whenever there are any changes in the Linkedin UI we update our product as soon as possible to give our customers uninterrupted services.

How Can I Buy an New license or Renew an Existing license ?

You can Buy a new license from Pricing Page.If you are trying to renew your license then you first need to login into your dashboard and then click on the Extend Now Button next to the license which is due.Please make sure that after you complete your purchase you do not close your Window until you are re-directed back to your dashboard.