3 LinkedIn Automation Software myths that ruin your Marketing Efforts

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bust your myths about LinkedIn automation software and gear up your marketing efforts on LinkedIn

It feels having a magic stick in hand with LinkedIn automation software. All your marketing efforts on LinkedIn get streamlined and easy.

Isn’t it?

But, you don’t get the results you are ought to. You have no new leads added in the past 1 month. And all your LinkedIn marketing campaigns crashed giving you a huge loss in revenue.

What went wrong? Did the software manufacturers lied to you?

Well, the possibility of that is nought.

The likely reason for your failure is the wrong way of using the software. And this stems from the myths surrounding the LinkedIn automation software.

So, today, I brief you about those common myths and reveal what is the truth.

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3 Common myths about LinkedIn automation software


#1 All automation software are same

 You have a plethora of LinkedIn automation tools in the market. Though the basic features in all the tools are same, they still differ in their functionality, ease of installation, ease of use, pricing, and customer support.

So, if you want the best automation tool for your business, read this guide here.


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*IMPORTANT: Read the above guide before you buy the LinkedIn automation  tool.



#2 Automation tools can send unlimited connection requests/messages in a day

Calling this a myth would not be ideal, but still I prefer to discuss it here.

Newbies who use the LinkedIn automation tool for the first time send an unlimited number of connection requests/messages on LinkedIn.  All this happens in the excitement to connect faster with their prospective leads.

No doubt, LinkedIn automation tool can send unlimited connection requests/messages in a day, but LinkedIn imposes a restriction on this number. And that’s fair to keep spam at bay.


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So, always respect this LinkedIn policy even when using the automation software. Because if you don’t, your account will get blocked.

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#3 Automation on LinkedIn is once ‘set and done’ approach

Majority people think they have to set the tool once for sending connection requests/messages, and this will close deals on LinkedIn.

But, here’s the kicker:

LinkedIn automation tool doesn’t close any deals/sales on LinkedIn. It ONLY makes connecting with your potential leads EASIER and FASTER, thus helping you in closing sales on LinkedIn.

Besides automating the few tasks, you have to take pain in ENGAGING and BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS with your customers.

So, if you are in the habit of automating every message to your potential customers, you are bound to lose them forever. Because nobody likes to interact with a robot who automates everything.

Key Points to remember

To get the best out of your LinkedIn automation software, use it wisely:

  • Choose the right software that suits your business needs


  • Keep the number of connection requests/messages to 100-150 per day


  • Automate only the day-to-day tasks such as sending connection requests, introductory messages, and extracting details of your potential customers.

A tool is a tool, don’t expect it to automate everything you are ought to do for marketing your business effectively.



Have more doubts/misconceptions about the LinkedIn automation tool? Post them in the comments below and I will answer them to your satisfaction!

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